Our first class was a great success and we received a lot of great feedback from it.  We are now scheduling the next class, and wanted to make you aware of it.

The next course is July 22nd, 29th, and August 5th, 2017!

 This course is a 3 day course consisting of two 7 hour days and one 2 hour day at the range, held on Saturdays.

The course is great for those who have never shot a pistol before, or those who would simply like to brush up and improve their skills.


 Topics Include: 

·         Firearms Safety

·         Storage

·         Liability

·         Practicing Techniques

·         Cleaning

·         Nomenclature

·         Pistol Types & Differences

·         Pistol Operation

·         Ammunition

·         Malfunctions

·         Shooting Mechanics

·         Interactive Simulator (multiple scenarios and firearm drills)

·         Indiana Carry Permit

·         General Gun Law

·         Intruder in the Home

·         Live Fire at Gun Range *

 * You must bring your own firearm and ammunition if you are participating in Live Fire day at the range. 

Course cost:                       $100 per person (Clarksville residents are $75)


Requirements for course:

Registrations must be made by completing the “Citizen Gun Safety & Training Course” enrollment form.  I would highly encourage you to register quickly, as this class fills up almost immediately.  Please DO NOT SEND PAYMENT until you are notified that you are accepted into the class.

Once the class has been filled I will send you an email to let you know if you made it into this class or not.  At that point I will ask you to send payment in the form of a check or money order at that within 2 weeks.  The checks will not be cashed until AFTER the first scheduled class.


In order to participate on range day, you must furnish: 

- Your own pistol that is in good operating order

- Eye protection (glasses)

- Ear protection (ear plugs or muffs)

- Minimum of 150 rounds of practice full metal jacket ammunition

- Hard plastic holster that affixes to the belt or a paddle holster (no soft holsters allowed)

- Minimum of (2) 6-round magazines for semi-auto pistols

For those of you who do not currently own a pistol but would like to participate, I again am going to ask ESR Tactical Firearms from Jeffersonville to come in on day one with several samples to assist in selecting a pistol that will be an appropriate fit.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email or call me.

Thank you,

Lieutenant Shane Bassett

812.288.7151 x313


 CLICK HERE for Civilian Firearm Signup Enrollment Form

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